Clean Maintain Floors

Clean Maintain Floors Avoid Spills Prevent Damage
​Cleaning & Maintenance of your Hardwood Floor

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Surface finishes include moisture-cured urethane, oil-modified polyurethane, and water-based urethane. If finish loses it's luster, screening (light sanding) and recoating may be necessary. This should be done ONLY by a professional wood floor contractor.

Follow a complete program of proper maintenance procedures:

  • Always follow and use manufacturers suggested products and procedures, if the product manufacturer is unknown, use GENERIC HARDWOOD FLOOR CLEANER available at local wood floor retail outlets.
  • Warranties by most manufacturers are VOIDED if products containing wax cleaners are used.
  • Wipe and immediately clean all spills. Immediate dry out is essential to prevent further problems.
  • Stubborn stains should be cleaned with proper cleaning solution as recommended by manufacturer, using a soft dampened cloth.
  • For stubborn stains repeat using wood floor cleaner & soft cloth.
  • NEVER use a wax or wax based products over surface finishes. NOTE: This can be a VERY DANGEROUS !
  • Place Protector pads on ALL furniture legs on wood floor.
  • Place walk off mats and area rugs in high traffic areas (make sure they stay dry and are cleaned underneath often).
  • Use the proper cleaning pad with the manufacturer recommended cleaning solution. The pad should be slightly damp and well rung out. Make sure ALWAYS to use a clean pad/cloth each time your start the cleaning process. These pads can be washed after excessive buildup.
  • Keep high heel shoes in good repairs, as well as keeping your pets nails trimmed on a regular bases.
  • Never slide large objects -TVs, Pianos, entertainment centers or heavy items. Always lift and set items to eliminate risk of damage.
  • Never use heavy water on a sponge mop, be certain to wring it to minimal moisture, it is better to use filtered water to minimize moisture marks.
  • In the event of flooding remove water ASAP, use fans to begin dry out and contact Novotnys Refinishing immediately for professional dry out services and floor remediation.

Perform routine maintenance as recommended by manufacturer, this should include sweeping, vacuuming (with a soft brush attachment) and/or dust mopping to remove dirt and grit. Keep this as a regularly scheduled event, and stick to it. Always perform this process before and after a major event that involves a high volume of traffic on the floor.

The water spots will be non existent if you use filtered water and dry it with a old clean dry towel or large cloth, while it is still moist. NEVER SWAB THE DECK. Heavy water is your worst enemy on wood floors.

Never wait if floors are wet. If your floors are flooded contact us or another qualified company with appropriate equipment and gauges to solve the excess water issues. If it is the middle of night, or nobody is available, dry as much as possible and put a fan and electric heater till a pro can solve the problem.